El Coronado Ranch Hunts

Arizona Grand Slams are obtainable on The El Coronado Ranches

Arizona Grand Slams are obtainable on The El Coronado Ranches

Located in S.E. Arizona on the eastern edge of the Sulphur Spring Valley lies the El-Coronado Ranches comprising over 50,000 acres of Deeded(36000 acres) and Leased Land(14,000 acres).In case that is not enough land we have exclusive access to another ranch comprising of 25,000 acres.Bottom line we will be hunting birds that have rarely been hunted.

LouLou (EP) and Slick (Britt) point a covey of Mearns Quail while Josie sits before being released to flush and retrieve

LouLou (EP) and Slick (Britt) point a covey of Mearns Quail while Josie sits before being released to flush and retrieve- El Coronado Ranch

The El Coronado Ranch and Lodge is the only inclusive and exclusive  Wild Bird Hunting Lodge in The Desert South West.The Owner,Valer Clark has spent the last 30 years rehabilating the landscape.The result is the best quail habitat in the State of Arizona.Valer has graciuosly opened up the lodge and properties to a limited amount of Quail and Dove hunting.

Gambels Quail -El Coronado Ranch

Gambels Quail -El Coronado Ranch

Thanks to Valer’s conservation efforts The Hunting for Gambels,Scaled and Mearns Quail is remarkable.This is due to a massive effort in Riparian and Grassland Land Management.The Ranch is an example of how things should be done.The property is  often used as a case study by various Conversation Organizations,State and Federal Agencies.Quail  Numbers fluctuate year to year mostly due to timely Summer and Winter rains.The El Coronado Ranch Habitat Program helps to  compensate for fluctuations in Gambels,Mearns and Scaled Quail Numbers ,ensuring that even in lean years the Quail Covey Numbers remain strong.

Mearns Quail -El Coronado Ranch

Mearns Quail -El Coronado Ranch

Guests can expect top shelf lodging and dining,including single room occupancy with private bathrooms and a very well stocked Wine Cellar..For those that are seeking an All Inclusive and Exclusive Arizona Quail Hunting Experience look no further than The El Coronado Lodge and Ranches.

El Coronado Lodge

This unique Arizona Quail Hunting experience is 2 hours south and east of Tucson,for those flying Privately,The Douglas Arizona Airport is 30 minutes away.Arrangements can be made to pick up in Douglas.

Spacious Rooms -Single occupancy

Spacious Rooms -Single occupancy


El-Coronado Lodge -Billiards Room

El-Coronado Lodge -Billiards Room

2018/19 Openings-Capacity is 6 Hunters on a 1 guide per 2 hunter ratio.                                                           

Dave Brown and The El Coronado Ranch are featured in The 2017 Gray’s Sporting Journal Expeditions and Guide Annual

The El Coronado Ranch featured in SSM

 Arrive Jan 3th-Hunt  4,5,6 Depart Jan 7th      -Sold out                                                   

Arrive Jan 8 -Hunt 9,10,11, Depart Jan 12 –                       

Arrive Jan 12Hunt 13,14,15 Depart 16     

Arrive Jan 18 th -Hunt 19,20,21 Depart Jan 22 – Sold Out 

Arrive Jan 25 Hunt 26,27,28 depart 29 – Sold Out 


2018/2019  Rates 

4 nights 3 days =$3995  per person 

3 Nights,2 Days =$ 2995 Per Person

A Payment is made to The Cuenca Los Ojos Foundation.A portion is Tax deductible.                                               


Holland& Holland 12 Bore O/U


The El Coronado rates include all lodging(Single Rooms) dinning and Liquor.The hunts are conducted on a 2 hunters to 1 guide ratio.


AZ State Hunting License,Gratuities for guides and staff,Shotgun shells ,Transportation to and from the lodge.

Contact Us for Available Dates.

Scaled Quail Hunting -El Coronado Ranch

Scaled Quail Hunting -El Coronado Ranch