Conditions are looking good for The 2017/2018 Season

Gambels Quail -El Coronado Ranch

We have had a lot of winter rain here in S.E. Arizona.What that means for Wingshooters that are planning an Arizona Guided Quail Hunt is that we will see a significant bump in Gambels and Scaled Quail numbers.Of course it’s to early to tell with regards to Mearns Quail but given the amount off carry over birds from this season, when the Monsoon rains come they to will respond to that.

covering a point

                                                  2017/2018 Arizona Quail Season Dates 

                     Gambels and Scaled Quail Oct 6th 2017 -Feb.11 2018 

                                          Mearns Quail    Dec.8 2017 – Feb.11 2018 

Arizona Quail Hunting Update

Male Mearns Quail

Recent Hot ,Dry Weather have really pushed the dogs to work hard t find birds ,which helps make better Bird Dogs.The Mearns Quail Hunting Season has been good.Now that we have had rain I am Its going to help.I am also looking forward to going Scalie Hunting as The Desert Lights Up after a bunch of rain, its going be great seeing some green up.We have slots left for the El Coronado Ranch,because they are cancelations I am selling them at a discounted rate.Contact me for more info.


Scaled Quail Hunting in SE Arizona

Patch sticking a single

December Update

December Update

Idaho Bill Points a Mearns Covey

We have been quite busy now that the Arizona Mearns Quail Season is open.There are good numbers Mearns Quail however the scenting conditions have made it sometimes difficult to find them.Its also ‘ hard to get a handle on Scaled and Gambels Quail.The dogs and Guides have been doing their part by getting our clients into Quail despite the tough conditions our Hunters have been having good success.We are hoping for some much needed precipitation to increase scenting conditions.We still have some space available in January for the El Coronado Ranch & Lodge and our regular day hunts.If interested please contact us.

Adios Amigos

Arizona Quail Slam shot by Ed Epps

El Coronado Lodge

Covering a Gambels Quail Point

Admiring a Male Mearns Quail

2016/2017 Forecast

D.B.O."s Big Nose "Kate " points a Covey of Mearns Quail

D.B.O.”s Big Nose “Kate ” points a Covey of Mearns Quail

The Monsoon Rains have finally started to hit S.E. Arizona,with sone areas receiving 1.5 inches of rain in one storm.What this means is that we are confidently  booking the 2016/2017  season.Mearns and Scaled Quail will  respond positively to the Summer Rains.All indications point towards  a repeat performance to the 2015/2016  season which shaped up similar to this one.However Gambels Quail numbers will be low due to poor winter conditions.Of course once the snakes go to bed we will be out scouting the area and have things dialed in.

Kate retrieves a Mearns Quail

Kate retrieves a Mearns Quail