2019/20 Arizona Quail Season

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This past season was a great one ! Thanks to everyone that hunted with us !With the added moisture we had over the winter months it made it good for excellent scenting conditions (unlike last season) and even though Mearns Quail numbers where OK we where successful on most of our hunts.Desert Quail numbers where down, however with all the rain we have been receiving during the Winter we are more than confident that The Gambels and Scaled Quail will respond favorably.This coming season should be good -to very good on Desert Quail.

Mearns Quail

2019/20 Season Dates

2019 Desert Quail10/18/2019 – 2/10/2020
2019 Mearns’ Quail12/7/2019 – 2/10/2020

Millie,Belle ad Betty point a Covey of Mearns Quail

2019/20 Bookings

We are booking up fast and given the optimism for the up and coming season I’m sure we will continue to do so.Let us know what dates you are interested in.

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Holland and Holland Shotgun

January Update

Kate points a Ridgeline Covey

Current Conditions

The overall conditions have been spotty but decent if you know or find the spots.With lower Bird Numbers means that there are fewer hunters on the Public Land.The game this season has been Mearns Quail and if folks are willing to dig deep they are being rewarded.We have also had a good deal of moisture (rain and snow) making for ideal scenting conditions.We are super stoked about that ! looking into next season new should have a decent Gambels and Scaled Quail hatch.

Crush Pointing a Mearns Quail Covey

El Coronado Ranch Hunts

We’ve been quite busy with our El Coronado Ranch Hunts.Judging by the feedback we have received from our guests they are very impressed with the Accommodations,Food and of course the Hunting.We are completely sold out but if you are into an incredible and authentic South Western Quail Hunting experience this is it.Let us know and we will get you signed up for next season.

Male Mearns Quail and some nice SxS’s

Patagonia Arizona Day Hunts

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While James,Tyler and myself have been out on The El Coronado,Danny and Justin have been holding down the fort here in Patagonia.Despite the added pressure of hunting Public Land there is plenty of it.Both Danny and Justin are active Border Patrol Agents,Have great dogs and due to their “real” jobs know the country well.The result for our clients is that they are going into areas that few people venture into.Of course their network of non- bird hunting colleagues are feeding them intel on Mearns Quail sightings !We still have openings left ! Call or text us @ 520-604-2729 or email us

The Honey Badger
Gambels Quail

Arizona Quail Hunting Update

The Start of a Mearns Quail Covey Rise 

The Arizona Mearns Quail Season is now open and it’s not for the faint of heart.We are seeing a decent amount of Birds but its spotty.Some places are better than others but we have that figured out.

If you are looking for a great escape from the winter look no further than Dave Brown Outfitters -Arizona Quail Hunting Guides.Our Guide staff is made up of active and retired Border Patrol Agents and of course Dave himself.We live here and know the area well.At the same time providing  the level of service you expect from Arizona’s only Orvis Endorsed Wingshooting Outfitter.To Book your Arizona Quail Hunt Call Us @800-453-3991 Text Us @ 520-604-2729 or email us dave@davebrownoutfitters.com 

Male Mearns Quail