Arizona Quail Hunting Guides

Mearns Quail Covey Rise

Arizona Quail Hunting Guides -Mearns Quail Covey Rise

The State of Arizona is famous for its outstanding scenery, excellent climate and of course the Grand Canyon.In Wing Shooting circles Arizona is also known for great Desert Quail hunting and is a “go to ” destination once winter roles into other locations or seasons elsewhere close.

Dave Brown and The El Coronado Ranch are featured in The 2017 Gray’s Sporting Journal Expeditions and Guide Annual

Arizona offers the wingshooter the opportunity to pursue three species of Quail which are Gambels, Mearns and Scaled Quail , on top of great Arizona Quail hunting there can be awesome  late season hunting for Mourning Doves along with Duck hunting via jump shooting tanks.

Mearns Quail Covey Rise

Mearns Quail Covey Rise -Arizona Quail Hunting Guides

We live and work out of Patagonia AZ which is located in South East corner of Arizona.We are surrounded by the Coronado National Forest, which is home to the best Mearns Quail hunting in the United States and the World. Gambels and Scaled Quail hunting opportunities can be found a short distance away as we have plenty of Grassland Savannah’s and mesquite lined washes that these two Quails call home.

Scaled Quail

Arizona Quail Hunting -Scaled Quail

Arizona owned and operated Dave Brown Outfitters L.L.C. is an  Orvis Endorsed Wingshooting Outfitter offering “wild Bird” only guided Arizona Quail and Dove hunts to Wingshooters of all level of experience on a mix of Private and Public lands. Along with our knowledge of the area, the ways of Arizona Quail’s and The largest commercial Dog String within the State we are fully insured, licensed, permitted and have to proper vehicles and other equipment to ensure your hunt is a success.

Covering a Mearns Quail Point

Covering a Mearns Quail Point- Arizona Quail Hunting Guides

Outfitting and delivering quality Arizona Quail Hunts is our main focus in life, this is not a Sidebar. It is easy to see why we are the “go to”Outfitter of choice for those seeking a top shelf Arizona Quail and Dove hunting experience. Our Licensed Arizona Hunting Guides and able competently guide parties of 2-6 Hunters with a 1 guide to 2 Hunters ratio. To book your Guided Arizona Quail Hunt Contact Us.

Covering a Point

Covering a Point

Chica Pointing Mearns Quail